Disputes and rumors around Pokemon Sword and Shield

Shari Lynn Kramer


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Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first two games in the 8th generation of the franchise. They will be released on November 15 this year, and the fans wait for them impatiently. While it’s pending, we all try to find out as many details as possible. And we can prove that the information is already controversial. Let’s have a look at what we know at the moment.

With Prejudice

Pokemon Sword and Shield screenshot

We have figured out tons of tiny news since the rumors started. But the closer we approach the aforementioned release date, the higher the emotions run. Now we know that Pokemon will have various looks. We are waiting for the Dynamax and Gigamax transformations. Most fans do not accept this innovation. But this is not so vital. You can refuse to apply the option. The really sad fact is that not every Pokemon you know from the previous series will be involved in these games. But the new ones are coming, and we can view them in a recent trailer released on July 8. Of course, there is enough time left to warm the fans up with new features until the day of release comes. Now we would like to summarize all the things we know as of today. We’ll divide the information into paragraphs related to the key issues which matter to our opinion.

Everything Old is New Again

As you know, Sword and Shield are not the first Pokemon games. But it is important that they are developed in particular for the Switch and here they are not the first ones also, following Let’s Go: Pikachu and Let’s Go: Eevee. These are the updated versions of Pokemon Yellow which definitely were successful and fun, but different from traditional Pokemon games.

First of all, they did not deliver random encounters. Then, a player was not allowed to battle wild Pokemon, only those creatures, which are trained by other players. Though, they can catch Pokemon repeatedly.

In short, Pokemon Sword and Shield returns to the old playing style. So, be ready for a harder experience by contrast to the Let’s Go games with poor challenges. Also, you will not meet rideable Pokemon here. Instead, you will get new bike models.

Follow the Traditions

Pokemon Sword and Shield screenshot

Since 1996 when the Pokemon came into being, a lot of water has flown under the bridge, and we have seen tons of changes. At that, only one element has remained the same: you are suggested to select between a grass-, fire-, or water-type starter Pokemon. In this game, you will get three options: Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey. The trailer shows their profiles briefly.

Let us remind you of them:

  • Scorbunny is a white rabbit with red ears and feet. It is endowed with the power of fire. Also, it looks like it can emerge in the fighting type.
  • Sobble is a water-type Pokemon being able to camouflage itself.
  • Grookey is the grass-type green primate fellow, looking like the coolest one compared to the grass-type creatures from the games of other generations.

Nintendo has provided players with the descriptions of various types of Pokemon since the trailer was launched first. There are really a lot of types like Wooloo, Corviknight, a raven Pokemon, Duraludon, Yamper, and others. There are also the legendary wolves of Sword and Shield, Zacian and Zamazenta.

What About Monsters?

Pokemon Sword and Shield screenshot

As to exclusive monsters, they are gym leaders in Sword and Shield. You will communicate with a leader corresponding to the game you’re playing. In Sword, a town has Bea, a fighting-type Gym Leader, and the same town in Shield has Allister, a ghost-type Leader.

These series follow the old games and make a player start as a beginner from a small town and become a hero of the whole region. You are offered to compete against eight gym leaders of the town and enter the Champion’s Cup of the region.

Galar Again

As to the places of action, this is Galar, a region of the Pokemon world. Here the official Nintendo art remains. Galar looks huge. As usual, every Pokemon region is based on an actual city on an international scale. In these series, it seems like they’re all based on the UK cities. You will see here scenes which definitely look British with buildings designed in the English manner. You will find a clock-tower, Thames-like river, and even a Ferris wheel.

Increase the Size

Pokemon Sword and Shield screenshot

Every Pokemon introduces the evolution, delivers some innovative features and unbelievable possibilities. That is true with Sword and Shield also. Here you will be suggested to apply two completely new features: Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing.

These options take the game to another level. Though you can think that it is not easy to pronounce those two long words, still you’d better learn them to show your awareness of the advanced pacing technologies and capabilities. They make the combats even deeper. We do not know particular details as they have not been released yet.

Dynamaxing appears to make your Pokemon huge in size. If you have ever played Super Mario, you can compare this feature with a super mushroom.

Gigantamaxing also makes Pokemon huge, but in addition, it can amend the appearance of a creature. Just imagine Alcremie, which is a whipped-cream Pokemon. When you apply Dynamax, you will get Dynamax Alcremie, which is much bigger compared with an average Pokemon and endowed with a superpower. If you apply Gigantamax, you will get Gigantamax Pokemon which is much bigger, stronger and gets a particular skill — a special G-Max Move.

It is clear now, isn’t it?

But here you will be restricted with a rule: not every Pokemon can be Gigantamaxed and Dynamaxed. They should have certain characteristics.

Number of Pokemons

Pokemon Sword and Shield screenshot

The developer has suggested the news about the new series of the franchise every month, but June brought really interesting Pokemon details causing hot discussions. Of course, fans split over this and that. When at E3 the upcoming release was discussed, some of them were really disappointed to find out that an army of Pokemon in Sword and Shield will be decreased. It is true. Not all Pokemons will appear in the new story. Probably some of them will never return. This is not good news.

When you start any Pokemon game, you are offered a Pokedex with information about the Pokemon native to the current region. When you complete the main game with a victory, you get upgraded and go to a National Pokedex with access to any Pokemon from previous games. Everybody likes such an approach. And it was a disappointment when at E3 a producer of Sword and Shield while representing the new details of these games said that there would not be such an upgrade. Definitely, you will use only Pokemon shown in the current Galar Pokedex. And there you will find those creatures which are chosen by developers because they think they can be regarded as native to the world of Sword and Shield.

Pokemons characters

There are about 804 Pokemons in general and we do not know exactly how many of them will be available and which ones will be engaged for the first time.

In Japanese magazine Famitsu you can find the interview with Masuda where he explains that the decision to decrease the number of Pokemon in these two series is made mainly because of gameplay balance. The developers want to focus on making visually unique Pokemons with new, unusual features. That is not very convincing for hardcore fans, which just think that the team facilitates the process and refuses to include all Pokemon due to simple laziness.

Masuda gave his comments on such accusal. He proved that he had read the fans’ comments and understood that passion for Pokemon. He declared that the decision to restrict the number of Pokemon was a very complicated decision for so many years of developing this video game. And he relieved the fans’ mind by promising that a specific Pokemon not available in the coming series can appear in any future game.

Tiny Details

We would like to close this article with some details which cannot be referred to any of the above paragraphs but which still matter. In these series, you can count on the Game Boy experience as far as Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are focused on playing Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. Here you will follow the tradition of this franchise and hear about the main character’s mentor. You will be suggested to benefit from any of the two types of training available. These training could provide fast transportation and can be considered as a slight nod to Britain.

Perhaps, we have not factored anything else, but we have done our best to offer a full picture of the upcoming games. We are really involved in this event and look forward to enjoying the new releases with all above-described features, changes, and innovations.