The X-Files: Deep State. Out now on Play Store


A mobile game The X-Files: Deep State was created on the grounds of the series “The X-Files” by developer Creative Mobile, a developer best known for the Drag Racing and Nitro Nation game franchises. To know more about them you can visit their official page.

The adventure-style game with hidden objects is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. The UK version of the Play Store is warning about microtransactions that can be from £0.89 to a £299.99 per item (just over $400). Microtransaction is a kind of a business model that provides users with in-app purchasing, like virtual goods via micropayments. It's often used in free-to-play games for developers’ income.

The first user reviews are positive, so you may like the game if you are a fan of supernatural science fiction and adventurous games including mini-games with finding objects. To take a peek at a game you can watch a teaser trailer.

The X-Files gameplay screenshot

In The X-Files: Deep State you will chase down the truth with an FBI Special Agent. The plot is about the alien incursion and government conspiracy. During your investigation, you must interrogate witnesses and suspects, find clues, solve puzzles, collect evidence, etc. It is the game where your decisions have an influence on how the story plays out. So, it will be better to be careful while solving the case. 

Besides the main storyline, Deep State has separate episodes that take on standalone paranormal cases. With the help of customization feature, you also can change the appearance of your characters and choose their style. 

The actions of the game take place in Spring of 2010, which is bonded with season 9 and 10 of the TV series. There are also famous characters from the series in the game. 

New cases you need to solve will come every month, and “mytharc” and new monsters of the week will appear too. Watch the new season of X-Files on Fox and play the mobile game on your Android or iOS device.