Marvel Avengers Academy Update: Unrecognizable Changes

Shari Lynn Kramer


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Marvel Avengers Academy celebrates its two-year anniversary and due to the occasion, the developers prepared some news for us. The new update will be released and there are some considerable changes in the game that make it unrecognisable. Dramatic combat will be upgraded, the new cosmetic changes produced, and the new story content will be awaiting for you. 

The most changes can be seen in the combat system, where developers completely changed the players’ engagement in the battles. Combat became more strategic and interactive providing some deeper layers to the gameplay. 

Marvel Avengers Academy game poster

Marvel Avengers Academy will now have all the attributes of the RPG. Also, card brawler, that was lacking in the previous version as many players thought, will be added. The roaster of heroes will extend, and players will be able to choose a hero depending on classes and heroes’ unique ability. The hero’s individual actions and attacks in the battle also will be available for selecting. Heroes will have health bars for each one, and if one of them dies, the other characters will still have a chance for fighting.  

You will be able to choose the outfits for your characters, so the aesthetic of the game will be more pleasant. You will be a designer of your characters’ look! And talking about new heroes, Voyager will join the Marvel Avengers Academy as a bonus when the update is released. 

When the game was first launched, players noticed a bit lacking and shallow gameplay was criticised. So it seems like Marvel is actively seeking a solution to these problems.   

As you can see, this update is filled with massive changes. The release date of the version 2.0 hasn’t been announced yet, but meantime you can read about updating in details in the Marvel’s official website.