Free Additions to Apex Legends for Twitch Prime subscribers

Shari Lynn Kramer


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The wide-known live streaming platform suggests to benefit from Twitch Prime subscription, and it has recently enhanced its offer for the fans of Apex Legends. This free-to-play battle royale game is extremely popular due to its engrossing plot, stunning realistic design, unique characters with powerful abilities, and strong gameplay.

You will be suggested to master a growing number of Legends alongside with some minor innovations when this game is updated. If you are involved in Apex reality and cannot resist playing it while waiting for all the new pretty and useful things, then this news makes sense for you. Mind that the free breathtaking additions are available for Twitch Prime members only.

Some Important Issues

If you want to benefit from Twitch, subscribe to its Prime version that provides stunning experience together with Amazon Prime and Prime Video memberships. You will get access to bonus games, special content, and more without additional payments. And there is a proof of the above said: from now on being a subscriber lets you get a free weapon skin for the L-Star machine gun and a free Wattson skin for Apex Legends. Both of them are new game characters that will be introduced in Season 2. Be sure that you will need these gifts very soon. If you want to know whether it is worth your efforts to get it, there are a lot of pictures of those skins.

The procedure is simple. Just make sure that your accounts and platform are linked. Find prompts over the Internet if you feel confused. Mind that new subscribers can count on a free 30-days trial.

Twitch Prime Affords Ground for Playing More

Choose Twitch Prime to be the first. You will get the pretty good offers in the form of free games added monthly and lots of goodies for such titles as Fortnite, Warframe, Black Ops 4, and Apex Legends. Hurry up! Until late summer three more Apex Legends skins will be available on Twitch Prime.