Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Now Comes With Loot Crates

Shari Lynn Kramer


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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp adds loot crates, more known as loot boxes to the gameplay. Within the plot, they come as Fortune Cookies, which hide some exclusive items inside. You can find them in the Fortune Cookie Shop in the game's Marketplace. Each of them costs fifty Leaf Tickets (the name of in-game currency).

But these are the premium Fortune Cookies which require payment for possessing them. Here in the game, there are also standard Fortune Cookies, and they are not as impressive as the loot boxes are.

The premium Cookies can include new furniture and clothing. And sometimes they propose you some experience, not only the items. With the latter option, you will be able to unlock unique story scenes with your pet-friends.

The reaction on including loot boxes to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is heavily negative. Most of the fans already claimed that they are escaping the game. With loot boxes, it loses a status of “family-friendly” as the developer stated. Starting to pony up cash for the game turned out not to be a bright prospect even for the fans.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp  gameplay

We should mention, that the system of loot boxes exists in video games since 2011. It was borrowed from Japanese slot machines, where a player, throwing a coin, receives an occasional gift. Everyone who has bought and opened such a virtual box can receive items of different value and for different purposes. In some games they change only the appearance of the character and weapons, in others they give advantages.

Up to a certain point, loot boxes were only in mobile games, distributed by the model of free-to-play - when the game itself gets to the user for free, and additional options are already being purchased. Recently the loot boxes utilization deserved unkind fame of the game content that leads to addiction.

The loot boxes insertion to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp caused the wave of indignation among the game fans. Unlikely, that it can affect Nintendo’s innovation, but surely it will attract more attention to the loot crates issue.