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The description of Geometry Dash World

The most genial games are usually the most abstract or absurd ones. Geometry Dash is an arcade series with nothing but simple shapes making the entire environment. Geometry Dash World is the installment with maybe the brightest colors, the highest quality (whatever it may mean).

Narrative 8/10

Geometry is one of the most abstract scientific disciplines we know. So is the game with geometry in its name. You control a little jumping square that has to go through a level full of danger. Like in most arcades of this type, you need to avoid obstacles by jumping and dodging, and this time there’s no implied narrative of something behind that. The game is as self-sufficient and abstract as Euclid’s Elements.

The similarity continues as it turns out that finishing a level is not easier than memorizing all the axioms. It requires precise timing, down to split seconds, and one failure is enough to get back to the beginning. Saves or checkpoints are not provided. That makes Geometry Dash World quite a hardcore arcade, the type for the most patient and stubborn players, determined to reach the end anyway.

Its hardness recompenses its simplicity. Besides that, the game features online levels, hidden levels, practice mode, daily quests and other bells and whistles made to make the gaming process more fun.

Visuals 10/10

What good can be the game about a square’s adventure in the country of triangles and rectangles? Suddenly it’s great due to its bright neon colors and unstoppable dynamics. It’s literally unstoppable: the next try starts right after you failed the previous one, unless you press the pause button in the upper right corner.

So the game is really stunning, and it’s not as strictly geometrical as one might think. Traps include fires, abysses, predate things waiting to catch you with their teeth, and other objects drawn schematically but impressive as can be. And, as you proceed, you unlock various shapes for your character that doesn’t have to be square.

The soundtrack is vivid and clubby, though it would be more logical to integrate simple mechanical electronic abstractions, something Kraftwerk-styled. The game is advertised as “rhythm-based”, but don’t let it fool you: you play your own rhythm, not follow the playing one.

General Impressions 10/10

It’s a hard platform arcade, a hardcore piece with futuristic Bradburean feel. The game is simple to control: all you have to do to jump is tap anywhere on the screen. But you need to do it with most precise timing like you’re a DJ matching the beat.

When speaking of replay value, we must say that it’s as absolute as only geometry gets. You may need to start over the same level for dozens or even thousands times. When finally you get through it, you may see this game as another exception: while ads usually annoy, in this game it’s a chance to regain your breath.



If you like abstract arcades or games that test your patience and tenacity, this one is a perfect example. Bright and colorful, musical and rhythmical, it brings a special kind of unearthly joy.

Professional Critic
Zachary Kandell

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Geometry Dash World

5 / 5
Latest Version: 1.021
Publish Date: 2017-01-18
Size: 52.8 MB

What's new

- Enabled saving/loading from server
- Bugfixes and tweaks

Please contact [email protected] if you have any issues :)

Geometry Dash World history

Version: 1.021 for Android 4.0+ - Latest Version!
Update on: 2017-01-18
Signature: 40d430442601c320bf7b22801b01a3d86d01bb93
APK File SHA1: 430ee9948619e281a9c0cded96260d45dc58a45e
Version: 1.01 for Android 4.0+
Update on: 2016-12-31
Signature: 40d430442601c320bf7b22801b01a3d86d01bb93
APK File SHA1: f5713e22e0b7a2e424883b6f2efd2a59625846d0
Version: 1.00 for Android 4.0+
Update on: 2016-12-22
Signature: 40d430442601c320bf7b22801b01a3d86d01bb93
APK File SHA1: fb2e05b66d4d0491e1df26ec7ce2daa1a8c79b6c

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