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The description of Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Your name is Larry. You’re in this town in your leisure suit, shining and hoping, searching for the love of your life… or at least of your night. Oh, how seductive and dangerous this town is! 

Narrative 10/10

So, Larry, a 40-year-old hopeful virgin, absurd and awkward, has his leisure suit on as he ventures out to the city. The city is full of bars, casinos, music… and girls; and Larry is determined to meet someone today. His weaponry of seduction is rich, and he’s as confident as you are.

As you explore streets and bars, clubs and stores with Larry, you understand that it’s the perfect story for featuring lots of jokes not for youngsters. The game is literally smoking with adult jokes. For example, one of the few things Larry can do anytime and anywhere is, sorry, zipping and unzipping.

Larry doesn’t know yet that his visit will turn the entire life of Lost Wages upside down. The town will never be the same, and his destructive and disclosing adventures put an end to its old life. You’re to find out how exactly it happens.

Visuals 6/10

Leisure Suit Larry is an old franchise, even older than some of its today’s fans. No wonder its graphics looked dated even in 2013 when the game was just released. Now it should look stylishly retro, but doesn’t look retro enough, the way Space Invaders or Super Mario Bros do.

Like most quests, it features a series of static locations, with characters almost static too. Sometimes they come alive when it’ meant by the story, but mostly they don’t. The picture looks plain and drawn on a piece of paper. And the impression is right: the game is really all hand-drawn. Of course, the picture now looks more 1990s than pixeled up1980s, but it’s still old-school.

Still, it doesn’t make the whole game poor. As you see the way it’s drawn, you understand it’s a good style for a black humoristic comic book or an Internet sketch. If you perceive the whole game this way, everything falls into place. The soundtrack is old-fashioned in a good way, and it enhances the immersion just like it should.

General Impressions 9/10

Even those familiar with quests of X century may find Larry’s controls quite uncomfortable and illogical (though it takes minutes to understand the logic). You cannot just tap somewhere to walk up to it: you need to select the walking mode in the menu. The same menu contains modes like talking, licking or smelling, grabbing objects or utilizing those you already own.

What pays for it is the story. It has almost unlimited potential of replaying; even if you help Larry to find some extremely dumb way to die, he gets restored to the point right before the fatal mistake. The voicing is nearly perfect too, though too monotonous sometimes, but that’s the price for pre-recorded phrases.

The game is free to some extent, but the full version is paid.



One of the most epic games of the 1980s is back on mobile platforms, and if you want something to start you laughing and thinking, that’s the thing. Not meant for kids, this game will make an adult old-school gamer indecently happy.

Professional Critic
Lindsay Robertson

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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

4 / 5
Latest Version: 1.50
Publish Date: 2017-04-21
Size: 328.7 MB

What's new

!!! Your old game saves will not be compatible with this new version !!!

- Now includes Al's original scoring system!
- Added Google Services, facebook & Twitter integration.
- Implemented graphics fixes for some models.
- Age Verification Questions no longer prevent you from playing the game.

Removed SMS requirements

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded history

Version: 1.50 for Android 2.3.2+ - Latest Version!
Update on: 2017-04-21
Signature: aaf22bf2f64e2c1dc3eeab0ccd4e32a35a664028
APK File SHA1: X 8831af4f55213d61939a1140e124e354233aa18a
Version: 1.4 for Android 2.3.2+
Update on: 2015-06-25
Signature: aaf22bf2f64e2c1dc3eeab0ccd4e32a35a664028
APK File SHA1: X 910e2ef2fad226af08ddaeb1d124d5ba279025a4

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