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The description of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is the combination of the open-world video game design and tremendous technical achievement. It uses models and patterns, laid by predecessor games, but it develops them by polishing. Grand Theft Auto V was created on the basis of deep knowledge of mechanics and with great artistry.

Narrative 10/10

Players will not have to make their way from the bottom of the criminal society, since the main characters are already experienced criminals. However, the spirit of the series remained the same: violence, robbery, major thefts and drug trafficking.

This time there are three protagonists: Mike, Trevor, and Franklin. Any time you can switch between them, and see what they do. Also, Mike shoots well, Franklin drives the car better than others, and Trevor is capable of falling into battle insanity.

In all other respects, the game mechanics of GTA 5 differs little from the previous part at first glance, but it is diversified by many not immediately noticeable little things that take the game to a new level.

The entire gaming city of Los Santos, as well as its surroundings, is available for study. Here you can do almost everything the same as in the real city: you can not only go to clubs, bars and tennis courts, but also listen to the radio and even surf the Internet. The game has a huge number of different sites and social networks in which from time to time there may be news about your actions.

Visuals 10/10

The quality of textures, anti-aliasing, lighting effects, shadows, details of the environment – any aspect of the visual part that you only notice has been improved. Optimization also did not let us down – the game works well and shows a decent picture.

The scales of the GTA V maps themselves are impressive, but the subtle details in the game are drawn with no less thoroughness. There are boxes, carelessly scattered around the house. Also, you can see a pointer to a Chinese restaurant, painted on a metal sheet fence. Evening sun makes Los Santos shine with orange light.
The design of the map has a natural openness, variety and persuasiveness which is why it is extremely pleasant to study these places. In addition, missions of this game unfold in such a way that their expected and unexpected turns agitate and cause great excitement.

General Impressions 9/10

Work of cars in the fifth series of GTA is much more realistic and tougher than in the fourth. Weight and hyperactivity of the machines from GTA IV is preserved there, but so that the accidents seem real. That's why it is more difficult to drive the car on steep turns. But you do not lose control, and driving here is much more fun.
If you believe that GTA V really cost 170 million pounds, it should be called the most expensive video game ever created. Such generosity and wastefulness literally seep from the pores of Los Santos which has become a copy of Los Angeles.



Grand Theft Auto V is still an exceptional technical achievement and just a fabulous game. GTA 5 challenges the entire gaming industry of blockbusters. It has got perfect graphics, a lot of easter eggs, easy controls and a wide range of side quests. What else does a player need?

Professional Critic
Lindsay Robertson

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Grand Theft Auto V

5 / 5
Author: Rockstar Games
Genre: Action
Publish Date: 2014-11-18
Size: 44.86 GB

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